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I was not sure about buying an enhanced diamond, but after speaking to jewelers in my area they convinced me it was a good value, and I could get my fiance a big diamond at a big savings, Unfortunately for them they did not have one big enough for me. I went on the web and found Big Diamonds USA.com in Chicago. They had a 5 and a half carat Princess Cut diamond listed on their site at a very good price, actually 50% less than the stores.   Over the next 4 weeks I called Patrick Fay often, and asked him many questions about diamonds. He was very knowledgeable of diamonds, and very patient with me. He said he was in the wholesale diamond business for over 25 years, and sold to jewelry stores throughout the country. I asked two of my local jewelers if they knew of him, and they said they had, and that he had an excellent reputation.

This eased my mind as I was spending $20,000 with someone I never met and it was over the phone. I gave Patrick Fay my credit card number after he assured me that if I was not happy for any reason I could return it for a full refund. The next day the diamond arrived and it was magnificent.........better than I expected. I showed the diamond to the two jewelers I knew, and they appraised it at a much higher price than I paid. I understand that one of the jewelers is now calling Patrick Fay for enhanced diamonds. I highly recommend Patrick Fay and Big Diamonds to anyone who is buying a diamond. He knows diamonds very well, and his prices are unbeatable. As his web site says "it will be like having an uncle in the diamond business".

Mark L., San Francisco, CA

My purchase of diamond earrings couldn't have gone any smoother. I needed a pair of diamond earrings for my girlfriend the next day. Ooops......I forgot her birthday. I found Big Diamonds USA.com on the internet and called and asked if the earrings that were listed were available for delivery the next day. The owner said Fed-X was available at no extra charge. I spent a few minutes talking to the owner, and I was quickly convinced I was speaking to a professional. I decided on a pair that weighed 2 carats, and bought them over the phone using my credit card. They arrived the next day, just in time for my girlfriends B-day, and she hasn't taken them off since. She gets lots of compliments and I am her hero. The enhanced diamonds are more beautiful than I imagined, and buying them at Big Diamonds USA.com was a substantial savings over jewelry stores. I have referred several of my friends to Big Diamonds USA.com.

Larry M. ( CPA)., Los Angeles, CA

I was very happy with the diamond earrings I purchased from Patrick Fay at Big Diamonds USA.com. His knowledge of diamonds  surpassed any jeweler I had been to. He walked me thru the different qualities and explained enhanced diamonds to me very well. He even sent me an email photo of the actual pair of diamond earrings I was interested in buying. I gave him my credit card number over the telephone and the next day Fed-X was knocking at my door. The diamonds were beautiful, and the price I paid was half of what any jeweler showed me. Doing business with Patrick Fay over the telephone was a good experience, and I recommend him to anyone who is thinking of buying a diamond.

Marco Z. Lexington, KY

I bought a 2 carat diamond from Big Diamonds USA.com and couldn't be happier. I saved a lot of money over my local jeweler, and learned a lot about diamonds after speaking with Big Diamonds.  I  was really impressed in that I was speaking to the owner of the company, and not some sales clerk. The owner actually answered the phone whenever I called. I was skeptical about making such a large purchase over the phone, but after speaking with Patrick Fay on several occasions his voice and expertise in diamonds put my mind at ease. It is obvious he has been doing this for a long time. My fiance loves the diamond, and we are sold on enhanced diamonds. It is the only way to go, you get so much more for your money. Thanks Patrick Fay and Big Diamonds USA.com you will be hearing from us again.

David and Jenny, Minneapolis, MN

My girlfriend won't stop kissing me.............she loves the diamond earrings I gave her. By buying the enhanced diamonds I was able to get a pair twice the size over the local jeweler and saved a lot of money. Thanks Big Diamonds you will be hearing from us when it comes time for the engagement diamond.

Jim and Beth, Des Moines, IA

My girlfriend use to work in a jewelry store, and she directed me to Big Diamonds USA.com's web-site. She said she wanted a big diamond and knew I could get a big one in my budget by buying an enhanced diamond. She said she use to sell them at the jewelry store and they were beautiful and a lot less expensive. She also said she could not tell the difference between enhanced and non-enhanced, and that they often got them mixed up at the store. My girlfriend and I are very happy with the diamond from Big Diamonds USA.com, and enjoyed talking diamonds with the owner Patrick Fay.  He sure knows diamonds well. We decided on a 1.60 round diamond, gave him our credit card, and the diamond arrived Federal Express the next day, and no shipping charges. The diamond is beautiful, full of fire and sparkle. I highly recommend buying a diamond from Big Diamonds USA.com.
Tony R., Cincinnati, OH

Beautiful diamond, great price, terrific service. Big Diamonds.com made shopping for my diamond on the internet a great experience. Thanks
Steven B. Miami, FL


Big-Diamonds should change their name to Buying Diamonds Made Easy.  It took me exactly 5 minutes to decide on a pair of diamond earrings for my girlfriend.  Their site is very informative and working with Patrick Fay on the telephone was the best part.  He is very knowledgeable in diamonds, and that made my decision making easy.  He offered a money back guarantee if I was unhappy for any reason.  The diamonds arrived and they were beautiful, my girlfriend loves them.  Thanks

John S.  Birmingham, AL

I found Big Diamonds on the web when I searched for a diamond for my girlfriend.  I bought a 1.30 round diamond solitaire.  It arrived Fed -X the next day, and I had a 5 day full refund option if I was unhappy.  I took it to 3 stores in the mall for their opinion, and none of the store keepers even saw that it was an enhanced diamond, and their prices for the same quality was twice the price. That was good enough for me, I called Patrick Fay and told him I was very satisfied.  I will be calling him again for future diamond purchases.

Mr. William R.  Charlotte, NC

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