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These magnificent and spectacular "NATURAL GEM DIAMONDS" are clarity enhanced,and available at prices that are substantially lower than their same quality non-enhanced diamond counterparts. (more than 50% off the Rappaoprt Diamond wholesale price sheet). The enhancement process is not new to the jewelry industry, as 98% of all precious and semi precious stones (which include emeralds, rubies, and sapphires) have been enhanced in one form or another. In the past 20 years many enhancement processes for diamonds has been perfected, so that we now see "color enhanced (HPHT), fancy color enhanced, and clarity enhanced diamonds". These diamonds are available to the consumer at very affordable prices.  The enhancement processes are not detectable to the eye.  The above photo is un-touched, taken by me, with a $200 digital camera on my office desk.  The photo demonstrates their relative size to each other and are certified by a GIA graduate gemologist as follows:

18 carat on the left I-SI2, 8 carat on the right H-VS2, 1.70 center H-VS2.

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