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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% genuine natural diamonds. The principle of the Clarity Enhancement Process is to make natural diamond imperfections inside diamonds invisible.  Almost every diamond has minute imperfections and tiny cracks/fissures. When light rays travel through a diamond the imperfection or crack/fissure reflects the light in such a way that the outline of the imperfection becomes visible to your eye. It is the outline of the crack/fissure that is made invisible through the enhancement process.  After the enhancement process, light rays traveling through the diamond pass through the fissure instead of reflecting off of it, thus giving you a visually better clarity and more perfect diamond.

How does the process work?

Before we understand the process we must first understand which diamonds are enhanced. During formation of diamonds in the earths crust, and during the diamond cutting process, tiny cracks may appear inside the diamond near the surface.  Visibility and location of the crack or fissure determines if the diamond could be visually improved through the enhancement process.  If when viewing a diamond from the top, a small crack or fissure is visible to the un-aided eye, then this diamond is an excellent candidate for the enhancement process.  During the enhancement process the diamond is heated to over 1500 degrees, and a silica like resin (which has a similar refractive index to diamond) is infused inside the diamond directly at the fissure. The resin bonds with the internal surface of the fissure, and the result of this bond is to allow light rays to pass through the fissure/crack, instead of reflecting its image to your eye. Thus presenting you with a visually more beautiful diamond.

Why buy a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Because you can have a BIGGER more BEAUTIFUL more AFFORDABLE diamond for your money.  Simply stated......get twice the size twice the beauty at half the price over non-enhanced diamonds.  

Why choose BigDiamondsUSA.com for your CE diamonds?

At BigDiamondsUSA.com our business is strictly diamonds. We are knowledgeable qualified wholesale diamond dealers, selling diamonds directly to jewelry stores throughout the country for over 27 years.  We sell direct to you...no middlemen, and what this means to you, is that it will be like having an "UNCLE IN THE DIAMOND BUSINESS".

Are other Gem Stones enhanced or treated?

Yes, almost ALL gem stones are enhanced or treated in one form or another. Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires are clarity enhanced just like diamonds. Rubies and Sapphires are also heat treated in very high temperatures to enhance and deepen their color. Blue Topaz and Aquamarines are heated and dyed to become more blue, Pearls are bleached, Opals,Jade,and Onyx are dyed to enhance their color.  From the beginning of time men and women have enhanced or altered everything around them.  Next time you are at your jeweler ask them to show you a non-enhanced Emerald, Ruby,or Sapphire, or for that matter any other precious or semi-precious stone they sell.   If they are honest, they will inform you that almost all precious and semi-precious gemstones have undergone some type of enhancement or treatment process. What this should mean to you, is that enhancements in gemstones is as common as finding a gold ring for sale in a jewelry store.   If you are still unsure of enhancements just try asking your wife or girlfriend not to wear her enhancements (makeup) next time you go to dinner. 

Are clarity enhanced diamonds at Big Diamonds certified?

Yes, all of our enhanced diamonds are United Gem Laboratory certified by graduate gemologist.

How do I care for my clarity enhanced diamonds?

All clarity enhanced diamonds at BigDiamondsUSA.com have a lifetime warranty, and should be worn and cared for like all other diamonds. The enhancement process is permanent, but can be reversed in boiling acids, open flames like a jewelers torch, and ammonia based jewelry cleaners. Steam cleaning, ammonia free liquid jewelry cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaners are safe means for cleaning your clarity enhanced diamonds and jewelry. If your clarity enhanced diamond jewelry should need repair simply inform the jeweler that your diamond is clarity enhanced, and the jeweler should take the necessary precautions from applying direct heat from a jewelers torch to your diamond. Should the enhancement be reversed regardless of fault, BigDiamondsUSA will re-enhance your diamond free of charge for life.  A Lifetime Guarantee Certificate is issued with every diamond we sell.

How about insurance and appraisals?

Clarity enhanced diamonds like all diamonds hold their value - or increase according to market value. Big Diamonds USA.com will provide you with a retail replacement value appraisal for your insurance company. All insurance companies recognize and insure clarity enhanced diamonds.


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