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BigDiamondsUSA.com is a wholly owned division of Patrick Fay Diamonds Incorporated, based in Chicago, Illinois.  Patrick Fay is an internationally known and respected wholesale diamond dealer for over 27 years.   Patrick Fay was fortunate to represent and study diamonds under the direction of a direct diamond "sightholder" of DeBeers Diamond Trading Company. Their are just 85 such DeBeers diamond "sightholders" in the world, and are considered the very elite of the diamond industry.

BigDiamondsUSA.com are wholesale diamond dealers, and specialize in superior quality, clarity enhanced diamonds, the "diamonds of the future" and the best values in diamonds today. Since our consumer web-site was launched, we have hundreds of satisfied clients both domestically and internationally, and with our qualifications and over 27 years of diamond experience and knowledge....

"it will be like having an uncle in the diamond business".

The Source For Superior Quality Enhanced Diamonds
Chicago for over 25 Years